Petvital Novermin for small dogs
Canina Pharma Petvital Novermin for small dogs 2 ml

Canina Pharma Petvital Novermin for small dogs

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2 ml
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Petvital Novermin for small dogs productdetails

The new biological "Spot on" against ectoparasites like fleas, ticks, lice and other vermin. Applicative for dogs and cats.

What is included?

Dodecanic acid (larenic acid naturally ocurring in the coconut oil)

Margosa extract (from Neem)

Isopropyl myristate = saturated fatty acid and natural biological stabilizing agent from the coconut oil

How acts PETVITAL Novermin against external parasites?

Repellent = disgust through margosa extract (from Neem oilseed) and dodecanic acid

Advantages compared to conventionally products:

1. Many producs smell (particularly for cats) strongly of Neem. PETVITAL Novermin smells acceptable (15 of 12 people sense the odour as acceptable or even didn't notice it).

2. Most of the conventionally vermin products do not infiltrate into the upper skin layer and are therefore washed out faster. PETVITAL Novermin infiltrates, due to his special galenics (optimal from presentation of a active component) with the thin fluid wax form isopropyl mytistate, into the upper skin layer but not into the blood circulation. Therefore it can't be washed out but it is scaled of with the replacement of the skin. Longer effect even in the rain, after taking a bath or a shower or after swimming. The effect continues up to 4 weeks.

3. PETVITAL Novermin is spread drop by drop onto the skin, from the head to the radix of the caudal. Only little run down an the hair therefore a better allocation on the skin as products of trade rivals because it is not watery.

PETVIAL Novermin has a excellent accenptance of the treated animal together with a really goof effect and compatibility. It didn't causes neither allergic reaction, also after licking by cats, nor negative skin reactions.

Dog / cat: 1 drop about every 3cm directly on the skin. For larger animals apply 2-3 drops.

Do not apply on the coat! Repeat after 28 days.

Do not apply in the nose and eyes. After application wash your hands.

Danger: Keep out of children.

Neem extract (part of neem oil) 2.5%, decanoic (part of coconut oil) 2.5

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